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Thank you for pooling your energy with ours !

The consultation has ended, but you still have until July 7 to share your ideas.

Over 23,000 people took part in the consultation and submitted more than 18,000 ideas.

Here’s the breakdown of how you shared your collective energy among our three areas.*

The green economy, sustainable mobility and responsible energy use drive our reflections and our actions.


Transforming our economy to make it greener


Rethinking our mobility to make it more sustainable


Reimagining how we use energy

*The results provide a portrait of respondents and are not representative of the population of Québec.

What drives our energy?

Your ideas

Discover the ideas shared by people across Québec. Yours may be one of them !

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Sustainable mobility

Build an interregional electric rail system in Québec.

Éric, Montréal

Green economy

Create a clean energy squad of Hydro-Québec experts who would support green project proponents—individuals, organizations and businesses—to optimize the value of their initiatives.

Noémie, Montérégie

Responsible energy use

Install high efficiency solar panels on apartment building rooftops and transparent solar cell windows that can generate the energy needed to power lighting in common areas and hallways or low-power LED bulbs in the buildings.

Adrian, Montréal

What will we do with all this energy?

Together, weʼll undertake concrete projects inspired by the results of the consultation and by your ideas.