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Creating the Québec of our dreams: Let’s pool our energy to make it happen!

Imagine yourself in the Québec of tomorrow.

You open the door to greet your friends who’ve driven across Québec in their electric vehicle just to see you.

You whip them up a divine strawberry shortcake with strawberries grown in the middle of winter in Québec greenhouses.

You spend a cozy evening in the comfort of your smart home, which optimizes your energy consumption for you.

You’re proud to live in a Québec that shines bright thanks to its clean energy.

If we work together, we can do all this—and so much more!

Now, where should we put our collective energy right now?

On three key areas

Hydro-Québec wants to work with you to build the world of tomorrow. The green economy, sustainable mobility and responsible energy use drive our reflections and our actions.

To really dive into these topics, we’ve asked an inspirational Quebecer to share her vision. Hear what she had to say.

Transforming our economy to make it greener.

Transforming our economy to make it greener.

A green economy is a resilient economy that makes the environment and prosperity its top priorities.

There are many avenues to a greener economy. For example, shopping local, helping our own companies make the switch to clean energy and even attracting international industries and companies to help reduce their emissions.

Rethinking mobility to make it more sustainable.

Rethinking mobility to make it more sustainable.

Sustainable mobility can be achieved by setting up a transportation system that is accessible and environmentally friendly.

There are many ways we can take action: by choosing organizations that rely on electric vehicles to deliver their goods, by accelerating the electrification of our modes of transportation and by fostering the use of public transit and carsharing services, to name but a few.

Reimagining how we use energy

Reimagining how we use energy

Our energy is a valuable resource.

We can reinvent how we use it and stop wasting it. Recovering energy generated by manufacturing to heat greenhouses, building homes that are better insulated and opting for smart energy management solutions are just a few great examples.

Your ideas inspired us

You've already sent us more than 15,000 ideas.

They will inspire and guide the projects we'll undertake together to build the world of our dreams.